Magdalena in Sydney Seminar

OneMind Dogs Coach Magdalena Ziolkowska from Poland is coming to Sydney to present a 3 day OneMind Dogs seminar!
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity with the wonderful Magda! In 2017 Magda became an FCI Agility World Champion as part of the large dog team representing Poland! Magda competes with both small and large dogs and knows exactly how to adapt her handling and training for each.

Watch her runs from the FCI Agility World Championships:

Seminar Details:

Date: 11-13 August 2018
Venue: Evans Park Equestrian Centre (Indoor Arena) 56 Godalla Road, Freeman’s Reach NSW 2756.
Camping/caravan parking and limited cabin accommodation available at grounds, details will be emailed to participants closer to the seminar date.

  • Working Spots
    • $180 per 5 hour session
    • 6 handlers per session
    • 2 sessions per day (AM & PM)
    • $20 auditing option available for the other session on the same day
  • Auditing Spots
    • $40 half day (one 5 hour session)
    • $60 full day (two 5 hour sessions)
    • $90 two days
    • $120 three days

The days will be divided into 2 sessions of 5 hours each, with 6 handlers per session this will include working with and without dogs to ensure dogs get proper rest in between turns and to ensure the handler understands what they are doing before including the dog in the exercise. Magda’s primary concern is that the dog is enjoying themselves during the session so each session will be a mix of theory and practical work. Dogs may only work one session per day so as not to overwork them. Handlers may participate in both sessions in one day if using different dogs.

Dogs participating in Sunday and Monday sessions must be at least 18 months of age and able to sequence jumps and tunnels.


  • SAT AM – Foundations / Pre-novice dogs: Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks of age up to pre competition level wanting to work on foundations.
  • SAT PM – Novice (or those completely new to OneMind Dogs): Suitable for those just starting to compete at novice level or those with no prior OneMind Dogs experience or training
  • SUN AM – Excellent (or novice with OneMind Dogs experience): Suitable to those competing at Excellent level or those at Novice level that have a background of OneMind Dogs foundation training.
  • SUN PM – Masters (or excellent with OneMind Dogs experience) Suitable to those competing at Masters level or those at Excellent level that have a background of OneMind Dogs training.
  • MON AM – Masters with at least some OneMind Dogs background: Suitable for those competing at masters that have at least some experience with OneMind Dogs training (either online or via seminars), or those competing at lower levels with extensive OneMind Dogs background.
  • MON PM – Masters with extensive OneMind Dogs background: Suitable for OneMind Dogs instructors, Coaches and Assistant Coaches or those with extensive experience training and competing under the OneMind Dogs method. You must have attended a OneMind Dogs seminar previously to be eligible for this session.

NOTE: Upon receiving your application form, the organisers will assess your suitability for your chosen class. If you are successful in obtaining a spot, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. If the organisers believe that you would be better suited to a different session, you will be contacted via email asap. If all spots in your chosen session are full you will be contacted with options for other session if suitable. If all suitable spots are full you will be added to the waiting list.

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More about Magda:
See Magda’s runs with Min Pin Madek:

Magda has represented Poland at the World Championships with four different dogs. Back when she started agility over 25 years ago, things weren’t as easily accessible as they are today.

“It was the dark ages before the Internet! Things really started happening somewhere around the early 2000’s, when it was finally possible to find competitions and seminars abroad and go and see what other people were doing.”

Magda has tried many canine sports, but she feels that agility is by far the one that lets you build the best relationship with your dog. When it comes to handling, Magda says she loves challenges. “I believe everything is possible if you try hard enough, so I never give up!”

When Magda is coaching, she strives to address the individual issues of each handler and dog team. “I work with their challenges, even if it doesn’t always get us far into the course. I am patient but also demanding.”

The most important thing Magda tells her students is this: “When you go into the ring to compete, leave your fears and worries behind. Clear your mind and trust your dog!”