Our very own OneMind Dogs coach Niki Drage is available to present OneMind Dogs seminars around Australia and internationally. A OneMind Dogs seminar will include access to a pre-seminar information and online training package for free at for all participants and an exciting seminar full of fun, passion and connection with your dog! There may even be some prizes on offer from our great sponsors!

Niki has owned, trained and worked with dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments so she has enough experience to help dogs and handlers of any kind. She also has experience instructing people with disability and physical restriction. OneMind Dogs is very adaptable to any kind of person or dog!

The OneMind Dogs method is not just about our well known handling techniques – it is a whole philosophy about getting connected with your dog and understanding how dogs naturally respond to human body language, there are no drills or repetitive exercises, just natural communication. This is a big change for many people new to OneMind Dogs so please be patient and come with an open mind, ready to learn and see things from your dog’s perspective!


– $750/day (9am – 4pm)
– $1200 for 2 days (9am – 4pm)
– I recommend maximum 8 working spots and unlimited auditing spots per group however I will leave the final decision up to the host. Auditing unlimited or per facilities.
– The host must cover any travel and accommodation costs including air travel unless the seminar is to be held within 50km of Orange NSW. Petrol costs are $20 per 100km without caravan or $25/100km with caravan.
– The seminar content and structure is up to the discretion of the host and can range from foundations to advanced coursework and from techniques to course walking and analysis.

Drage Dogs basic handling techniques and coursework

– OneMind Dogs Assistant Coaches Nicolaas Drage or Paul Enriquez can also come along to any seminar if available and will teach Novice techniques and coursework so that Niki can focus on the more advanced handlers.
– Novice techniques include any of the techniques listed in “Basic Handling Techniques” on the OneMind Dogs website.
Cost: $400 for one day $600 for two days

*NEW* Fabulous Foundations Inspired by the OneMind Dogs Method

OneMind Dogs enthusiast and newly nominated Instructor Stacy Richards from Cutedogs Coaching is now available to come along to any OneMind Dogs seminar to teach her amazing Fabulous Foundations course. Stacy has many years of agility experience behind her and is well known for having dogs with extremely strong and thorough foundations, making them keen and focused agility dogs.
All of the foundations exercises are inspired by the philosophy behind OneMind Dogs, Stacy is a keen OneMind  Dogs student and knows the method inside and out. She has also been recently nominated for the OneMind Dogs instructors program and will be traveling to Finland to become internationally accredited!

Cost $600 for one day or $1000 for two days (8 hour sessions per day)
Maximum 8 dogs per group

Fabulous Foundations Inclusions:
7 Elements of handling, understanding the 3Cs, Recall Games, Tricks and learn about shaping, Follow the Handling using 3 Cs, Understanding the Reward- Toys vs treats discussion , The dogs line , perspective and handler gaze, Focus Forward, Jump Offering, Tunnel Rules, Laserpoint and eyes – learn to use them effectively, Handling basics using our body elements – on a wing: FFC, RW, Blind C & FC and Tunnellers game to finish if time permits.

*Upcoming Seminars 2017*
Grafton NSW
Hervey Bay QLD
Adelaide SA
Rockhampton QLD
Yeppoon QLD
Riverwood Downs, Gloucester NSW