Our Dogs


Staffy x
Adopted as an adult from Staffy Rescue in 2003

Pepe is a real character, he is Niki’s first dog that was just hers rather than a family pet. When meeting him at Staffy rescue he jump the fence into the field next door and ran off, Niki managed to get him back with some chips that she had with her and after 5 minutes also taught him to sit and drop. She instantly fell in love then and there and to this day, Pepe remains her “heart dog”.
Being her first dog to compete with in agility Pepe learnt along with Niki, his speed and instant love for the sport threw Niki in the deep end and forced her to learn fast. But his passion rubbed off on Niki and her obsession with the sport of agility began.
In 2015, after Niki finally learned how to communicate with this wonderful boy and tell him what she wanted in a timely manner, they got their acts together and he achieved his Agility Championship. Although he was a champion all along to those who know him. At 14 he is still happy and healthy (or “still a machine” as his physio says) and although he is now retired, he still loves coming along and playing cheer squad at trials and having the occasional fun run through tunnels at home!

Photo by Tammy Watts


Ag Ch 300 Yurrugar Green WithNV ADM JDM SDM SPDM GDX JDO ADO
English Toy Terrier
DOB 16/4/2010
Bred by the wonderful Saunders Family of Yurrugar Kennels

Envy achieved his Agility Champion title at Bathurst in 2015.
Envy is an adorable little pocket rocket. He is Niki’s first purebred puppy and an absolute clown of a boy. He is so much fun to live with and his enthusiasm for life is contagious. This little boy has achieved so much more than Niki ever dreamed possible. He is extremely honest, and picks things up faster than any dog Niki has ever trained.
In only 3 years of competing he is already in masters in all classes and has achieved his Agility Champion title. Envy loves nothing more than cuddling up to his “mummy”, eating chicken and chasing tennis balls.



Staffy x
Adopted from Newcastle Dog Rescue
DOB 16/11/2010

Flow is the happiest girl you will ever meet. Everything in life is a huge game and she is always ready to play. She is extremely obsessed with agility, and tennis balls, those are her two greatest passions in life. Her quivering startline stay and her yelps of excitement all the way through the course make it clear how much she loves agility.
Flow is an absolute dream to handle, even though she is incredibly fast for her size she is also very responsive to body language and learns quickly. She is very eager to please (although sometimes pleases herself by running the course on her own, haha) and will work until you tell her she has had enough.
Flow is Niki’s main competition dog and their relationship has grown very strong over the last year or so as Niki’s has learnt to understand her and connect with her on course. This is apparent when watching them run as they often really do seem to be running as one.
Their future potential as a team is very exciting!



Border collie x Kelpie
Bred by a farmer on a working sheep farm

Po is a very unique young girl and is Nic’s first agility dog. She is an absolute stunner to watch on course as she is fast with huge explosion power but at the same time she has a lot of control over her body and is very flexible – a true reflection of Nic’s great foundation training.
In only 9 months of trialling Po and Nic are already competing at masters level which again attests to Nic’s passion and drive to learn all he can about agility and improve along with Po. They have a strong relationship on course and are thoroughly enjoying their journey in this fantastic sport. Po’s great loves in life are tunnels (sometimes a little too much…), running flat out and Flow. If she’s not zooming through tunnels with Nic she is likely rounding up Flow by running huge circles at max speed!!
Nic and Po are a very passionate and enthusiastic team and we are very excited about their future in agility!