Drage Dogs lessons can be held at our residence or one of your choosing. Our lessons cover anything from foundations all the way to advanced coursework to suit you and your dog.

Weekly Private lessons and Group Classes

  • Private lessons for dogs and handlers of ALL levels (including puppies from 12 weeks)
  • Tuesday and Friday mornings, 30 min ($40) or 60 min ($60) at Drage Dogs Arena, Clifton Grove NSW
  • Thursday evening group class 5-7 pm during daylight savings or 4-5:30 pm during winter, suitable for friendly dogs who can recall off leash and have had at least one private lesson with Niki $40 per dog at Drage Dogs Arena, Clifton Grove NSW
  • Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer on completion of the lesson
  • You can book a lesson here, I recommend 30 min private if it’s your first time: https://dragedogs.simplybook.me/v2
  • Dogs must be on lead or crated/in car at all times unless working with the instructor
  • Dogs should not be aggressive towards other dogs or people
  • Dogs must be healthy, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed regularly.
  • Puppies must have had all of their vaccinations before attending
  • Class may be supported by online learning at www.oneminddogs.com and homework will also be suggested